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There Falls No Shadow

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to wake up ill and surrounded by dead friends, thinking you might be the last person alive on Earth? Or what you might face when you realised that you weren’t?  What would you do, in a world devoid of everyone and every convention you have known, but surrounded by more riches than you could ever have wanted? Then remember the bodies of all those who have died.  Are you in a vast warehouse of free shopping, or the vilest mortuary in the universe? Could you survive? Would you want to?

There Falls No Shadow is the first book of the Shadows trilogy but, as is the case with each book, it is complete as a novel in its own right. I hope that once you have read this book you will want to read on, to find out what happens next to people you will have come to know and, hopefully, care about. But if you only ever read this one book it may be an experience that forever changes the way you think about the world and your place in it.

The updated and extended second edition of TFNS is currently available in print from Lulu, and as an e-book from Amazon in Kindle format. Please see my Links page to go direct to the pages from those outlets.



Page 18     As she drove through the dank Sunday morning mist Emma watched, sickened but unable to look away, as excited gulls and crows rose squabbling over morsels from bodies lying on the pavements. Some cars had been abandoned with their doors open and others parked at odd angles to the pavement with their drivers or passengers still inside. She stopped, staring at a poster on a news stand, which proclaimed, ‘SUPER FLU - terrorist bug blamed - thousands die worldwide’. Studying it more closely, she saw it was for Friday’s paper.


Page 54     The boom of the shot echoed around the otherwise silent building, horrendously loud in the confined space. Al’s hearing was not even starting to recover when a bullet seared through his groin, severing his penis, destroying his lower bowel and crashing out through the coccyx. He collapsed, screaming in agony and continued to scream as John worked the bolt once more, picked up the ejected cases and then slowly emerged from behind the oven. Carefully John made his way around the counter and walked towards the now whining man.


Page 70     The young woman who emerged from the bungalow stopped Emma’s breath. She was five feet nine, even in her flat-soled sandals. Her rich coffee-coloured skin and soft full lips were matched with eyes more like those of a doe than Emma could imagine. Venus would have envied her figure. The silky multi-coloured dress, which clung to her in the rising wind, seemed entirely designed to enhance the effect. Leah placed her hands together and bowed her head. “Welcome,” she purred.  


Page 175     The smoke had been visible for miles. With a fear born of near certainty, Emma’s foot pressed down harder on the accelerator. The rising shriek of the Land Rover’s engine matched the mounting scream of pleas in her mind. When they passed Huntly and cleared the crest of the hill, her hopes evaporated. From there they could see the smoke and flames blasting skyward from Knockside. John’s eyes narrowed and his lips whitened, while he scoured the scene for information.

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