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Sako Mod 75

Weapon: Sako Mod 75 bolt action rifle

Caliber: .308 (7.62mm)
Action: Bolt action
Overall length: 1090mm (42 7/8")
Barrel length: 600mm (24")
Weight: 3.3kg (7 ľ lbs)
Magazine capacity: 5

This is Johnís rifle. The Sako is a superior quality bolt-action hunting rifle from Finland. The model shown here has open sights, though John has his rifle fitted with a high-class 3-12 x 42 Schmidt & Bender telescopic sight.

.308 is the civilian designation given to the 7.62 NATO round used in the SLR rifle and General Purpose Machine Gun. It is accurate to at least 1000 yards from a good rifle and possesses the energy to kill at over 1 mile.