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In soft deluding lies let fools delight.
A Shadow marks our days; which end in Night.

How slow the Shadow creeps: but when 'tis past
How fast the Shadows fall.  How fast!  How fast!

Loss, and Possession, Death and Life are one.
There falls no shadow where there shines no sun.

Stealthy the silent hours advance, and still;
And each may wound you, and the last shall kill.

Here in a lonely glade, forgotten, I
Mark the tremendous process of the sky.
So does your inmost soul, forgotten, mark
The Dawn, the Noon, the coming of the Dark.

I that still point to one enduring star
Abandoned am, as all the Constant are.

Save on the rare occasions when the Sun
Is shining, I am only here for fun.

I am a sundial, and I make a botch
Of what is done far better by a watch.

I am a sundial, turned the wrong way round.
I cost my foolish mistress fifty pound.

Creep, shadow, creep: my ageing hours tell.
I cannot stop you, so you may as well.

I am a Sundial.  Ordinary words
Cannot express my thoughts on Birds.

- Hilaire Belloc (1870–1953)


Freeplay Torch


The Freeplay Sherpa self-sufficient Flashlight incorporates failsafe Freeplay wind-up technology, together with ultra-bright recharge capability. Designed to be a serious tool, the wind-up system offers maximum dependability. A quick wind (about 30 seconds) gives approximately 5-8 minutes of light on normal beam and you can rewind at any time for as much shine-time as you want. An LED charge level indicator tells you the optimal winding speed.

The recharge system gives 30 minutes of ultra bright light, and 5 hours of regular light, using a high-efficiency, xenon-filled, dual-filament bulb. Internal mechanical components are specified to industrial standards for repeated use and long life.




African Wind Power mod.36 wind turbine

The AWP36 can be used for charging batteries or powering electric  pumps and space heaters.

The AWP36 is built ruggedly, in the style of the ”Heavy Metal School”. The 30 pole machine operates at a relatively low RPM, which together with only 3 moving parts, ensures very long life with little maintenance.

Its large swept area ensures energy capture from low wind speeds other machines ignore, but is also good in high winds.

The simple gravity yaw system protects the machine by reliably swinging the rotor out of  winds faster than 12 m/sec (40Km/Hr).

(from the AWP user guide)