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Mossberg 500


Type: Pump action shotgun
Gauge: 12, 20, or .410
Chamber: 76mm (3").
Overall length: varies with different models
Barrel length(s): 355 - 500 mm (14" - 20") for combat/defensive versions. Up to 28" in hunting versions
Weight: 3.06-3.29kg
Magazine: up to 7 rounds in under-barrel tube magazine

John gave Tony a 12 bore Mossberg 500 to replace the Browning Over/under he was originally carrying. This was the gun Tony came close to using during the encounter at RAF Lossiemouth.

The Mossberg 500 is a magazine fed, pump action shotgun available in many different hunting and police models. Stocks are made of polymer or wood. It is a strong, reliable shotgun which is often chosen by military and police units or civilians as a slightly cheaper alternative to the Remington 870.