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Makarov PM

Weapon: Makarov PM Pistol

Caliber 9x18mm PM; 9x18mm improved (PMM)
Type: Double action
Overall length 161mm (165mm PMM)
Weight unloaded 730g (760g PMM)
Barrel length 93,5 mm
Magazine capacity 8 rounds (12 rounds PMM)

The Makarov PM is the pistol Sergei took from his ship and used to defend himself against dogs and the bikers. It is a blowback operated, double action pistol of all-steel construction. It is a simple, sound and inexpensive design and, while not extremely accurate or lethal at ranges beyond 15-20 meters, it is a reliable self-defence weapon.  It is not compatible with standard 9mm parabellum ammunition.

The Makarov is an old design which is being replaced in Russian military service but will probably be around for a long time in units such as fishing support vessels.