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Glock Mod 36

Weapon: Glock Mod 36 semi-automatic pistol

Caliber: .45
Type: Glock safe action system
Overall length: 6.77" 172mm
Weight: 20.1 oz empty 27 oz with full magazine
Barrel length: 3.782 96mm
Magazine capacity: 6

The Glock mod 36 is a compact, lightweight pistol designed for concealed carry. This is the pistol John found in Applegarth’s saddlebag. It would be an unusual choice for a military man due to its limited magazine capacity but might well be appreciated by an intelligence operative. The light weight of the pistol and powerful calibre make for noticeable recoil but it is perfectly controllable by a well trained and experienced shooter. A pistol is a very personal tool and if Sean Applegarth had become familiar with the Glock 36 through daily carry and regular use, and if he still wanted to carry a pistol covertly, it would be quite reasonable for him to keep it for his post-plague use even though he might have access to many other choices.