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Gerber Mk11

Type: Double edged fighting knife
Overall length: 12 1/8"
Blade length: 7"
Weight: 7 ¾ oz

This is the knife John spotted in Sean Applegarth’s belt soon after he first met him and which Applegarth pulled in his fight with Leah, Emma and John at Knockside.

The original model was created in 1967 when it was referred to as the Mk11 Combat Knife but after a slight redesign in 1971 it became known as the Mk11 Survival Knife. It is of high quality, manufactured from L6 tool steel with a cast aluminium handle coated with *armorhide* to improve the grip. The double edged, spear point, partly serrated blade and a butt which is designed to be used for striking joints and nerve points, very clearly mark this as a knife intended to aid survival in combat rather than as a wilderness utility tool.