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Benelli M3 Super 90


Type: selective pump-action or semi-auto recoil inertia operated
Gauge: 12
Length: 1040-1200mm
Barrel length: 500-660 mm.
Weight 3.2-3.5 kg
Capacity: 8 rounds in an under-barrel tube magazine

The Benelli M3 is the shotgun Sean Applegarth was carrying when he arrived at Knockside. It uses a Benelli patented feature that allows to the shooter to lock the semi-automatic action and switch to the manually operated pump-action mode and back in a matter of seconds. This permits it to function with a wide variety of ammunition.

The M3 is a high quality, versatile shotgun, popular as a military or police weapon and, outside the UK, as a civilian weapon for self defence and sporting purposes.