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Baikal SS

Type: Side-by-side hammer shotgun
Gauge: 12bore
Chamber: 76mm (3").
Overall length: varies with different models
Barrel length(s): 355 - 500 mm 18" - 30" depending on version
Weight: 3.2Kg
Capacity: 2 cartridges

This is the shotgun chosen by Margaret as her preferred weapon and the one which she used so effectively outside the fuel store at RAF Lossiemouth.

The Baikal side-by-side hammer gun is a very strong, simple and reliable shotgun. Although it features external hammers it is a modern gun built to use modern cartridges, up to and including the powerful 12 bore 3" magnum. It is manufactured in Russia in a variety of barrel lengths and chokes. The cylinder bore model with 18-24" barrels is still very popular in some countries as a home-defence, police or security shotgun because of its reliability, safety and comparatively modest price. Models with longer barrels and tighter chokes are popular as working guns for pest control, game shooting or wildfowling.