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AS 50

Weapon: Accuracy Arms International Sniper Rifle

Caliber: 12.7x99mm / .50BMG
Operation: gas operated, semiautomatic
Barrel: 692 mm
Weight: 14.1 kg empty
Length: 1369 mm
Feed Mechanism: 5 rounds detachable box magazine

The AS50 fifty caliber (12.7mm) sniper / antimateriel rifle is the latest development of the famous British company, Accuracy International Ltd. First displayed in January 2005 in the USA at the Shot Show, this rifle has reportedly been developed especially for US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) users, and is now being tested by the US NAVY.

The AS50 provides combat operators with highly accurate and rapid aimed fire at extended ranges. The two-part receiver is machined from high grade steel, the barrel is free-floated and fitted with effective muzzle brake. The easily detachable butt is fitted with a recoil-reducing butt pad, as well as a folding rear grip, which also serves as a rear support leg. The top of the receiver is equipped with full length Picatinny type rail which can accept any compatible scope mount; two additional rails are mounted on either side of the short hand guard / barrel jacket. The AS50 is fitted with four sling mounts and can be brought down to basic sub-assemblies within three minutes for maintenance or compact transportation or storage. Ammunition is fed from a single-stack detachable box magazine that holds five rounds.