Weapon Files

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Air Rifles

Weapon: BSA Supersport

Calibre: .177
Action: Break barrel. Theoben gas-ram
Weight: 3.kg
Magazine capacity: single shot

The BSA Supersport is Johnís choice of air rifle. Originally it would have come with a standard spring piston but John replaced that with a Theoben gas ram, which lasts longer, can be left cocked while stalking or waiting for a chance of a shot without suffering any weakening and gives a smoother firing cycle.


Weapon: BSA Meteor

Calibre: .177
Action: Break barrel. Spring powered
Weight: 2.75.kg
Magazine capacity: single shot

Danís air rifle was a BSA meteor. Slightly less powerful than the Supersport, it is nevertheless a fine rifle. Although it is equipped with rails to take a telescopic sight John first taught Dan to use it with the open sights, pictured here. It was with this rifle that Dan took his first rabbit in the chapter ĎHuntersí.