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About the Author

Son of a Scottish mother and Yorkshire father, David Eric Crossley was raised in Yorkshire. After a number of unsatisfying jobs, he joined the forces in 1970 and was a soldier for over 20 years. Qualified as an instructor in Nuclear Biological and Chemical Warfare, Combat Survival, Weapons, Tactics, Urban and Counter-revolutionary Warfare, Explosives, Advanced First Aid, Light Rescue and Firefighting, among other things, and an experienced sniper and forward observation officer, he served in Africa, Asia, the Gulf, Central and South America and Europe. He has lived through the reality and aftermath of wars, Internal Security duties and other combat operations and served in Aid to the Civil Powers deployments after two major floods, a hurricane and an earthquake.

After leaving the forces, David settled in Scotland. He has worked as a training consultant, ran his own training company, and was Training Manager Scotland for the British Red Cross for 4 years including training overseas service and emergency response volunteers. He now dedicates his time to his writing and working as a survival and preparedness consultant. He lives near Glasgow with his wife, Patricia, but still has a cottage in Moray, where most of the action in There Falls No Shadow takes place.

David has been writing professionally since the 1980s and has had over 100 features published in outdoors, survival, military, business and preparedness media. There Falls No Shadow is his first novel in the Shadows series. Bugging In and Bugging Out, and the combined edition of those two volumes, were the first non-fiction books in his name but follow the Streetcraft manual on Urban Survival published under Ludlow Survivors Group banner, and more recently they have been followed by Personal Survival Kits and how to use them successfully, and Outdoor Fire Lighting, Tinder, Fuel and Fires.

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