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          Bugging In and Bugging Out         

Reading Bugging In and Bugging Out, and applying the advice given, is like taking out an insurance policy, on which you hope you will never have to draw, but that modern life guarantees you will probably need at some stage. You really can’t afford not to.

These two books together cover options for the scope of incidents from short-term power cuts and industrial action, through flooding and fire, to pandemic and war. The information is applicable worldwide but these books are different from most because they are written primarily for people in the UK.

Who says, ‘it could never happen here, or to you’?

Drawing on his training and experience in the Armed Forces, and as a Training Manager for the British Red Cross, and much study and experimentation since then, David has written two books that are unique in the genre in terms of their depth and focus. Whether you are concerned about how you and your family will stay comfortable despite a winter power cut, or cope through a period of unemployment, or survive a national or global economic crash or other major crisis, these books will provide the information and guidance that you need to make the right decisions at the right time.

Bugging In and Bugging Out are available in print now through Lulu  and in Kindle format from Amazon via the hyperlinks on the final page of this website.

And now, both books together under a single cover, with several sections extended with additional information, and illustrations added in the Bugging Out chapters. For those who plan to Bug In when possible but who still want to be ready to Bug Out if they have to, here is all that guidance in one place as either a Kindle e-book or in print from Lulu.

You can contact David at: