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This is the home site for the Shadows series and now for other books too!

Here you will find pages for the three novels of the Shadows trilogy: There Falls No Shadow,  Slow The Shadow Creeps, and Fast The Shadows Fall and also for David's four non-fiction books, Bugging In, Bugging Out, Personal Survival Kits and how to use them effectively,  and Outdoor Fire Lighting, Tinder, Fuel and Fires plus links to some of his other published works.

There Falls No Shadow, together with the other novels in the series, documents the fight of the survivors of a terrorist-released global pandemic to rebuild their lives in a world stripped of all but one in ten thousand of its inhabitants.

'Bugging In and Bugging Out' puts the decisions and situations faced by characters in the novels into stark reality, in the context of a range of emergencies that could genuinely happen here in the UK, and provides information and advice on how you and your family can survive them. The books are available in separate volumes for those who have an interest in one strategy or the other or combined for those who want to be ready for any eventuality.

'Personal Survival Kits and how to use them effectively' describes not only what the most useful tools are to carry for survival but also the various ways of carrying them and, most importantly, how to use those tools to best effect. 

Outdoor Fire Lighting, Tinder, Fuel and Fires is a comprehensive work that reviews and explains the requirements and your commercial and natural options for ignition, kindling and building fires in the outdoors. In these pages you will read about a wide range of fire starting devices, commercial and natural tinder, differing types of fuel with where to find them and how best to use them, how to choose and use different wood cutting tools, ways to make and use your fire safely and effectively for warmth, cooking and signalling, with all of the detail you need but none of the dross you don't. From friction fire making, to flint and steel, to the most modern ignition devices and animal dung to high-tech tinder and fuel the information you want about what works and what doesn't, where, when and why is here.

All of the books are available in Kindle e-book format or in print from Amazon CreateSpace or Lulu. Whether you read the fiction and then the reality or the other way around you will gain both information and enjoyment from these remarkably complimentary books.


 Streetcraft is a text on Preparedness in the urban environment. It was published for Ludlow Survivors Group but compiled, edited and much of it written by David.                                                               

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