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This is the home site for the writings of David E Crossley

In particular it is the home site for the three novels of the Shadows trilogy: There Falls No Shadow,  Slow The Shadow Creeps, and Fast The Shadows Fall

There Falls No Shadow, together with the other novels in the series, documents the fight of the survivors of a terrorist-released global pandemic to rebuild their lives in a world stripped of all but one in ten thousand of its inhabitants.

From the first days of and the year following the plague - shown in TFNS, through the battle to survive and rebuild - covered in STSC, to the stunning conclusion some years later - in FTSF, this is a series that will excite and terrify you.

Read some of the pre-release reviews:

“I found (There Falls No Shadow) a powerful piece which pulled few punches … Crossley’s story reads like a cross between Andy McNab and James Herbert … certainly more respectful to people’s intelligence than Herbert and his ilk … has the awful ring of truth … I look forward to seeing it on the shelves.” Steve Brailsford - Journalist

All in all a damn good read and I put this latest addition to the post-apoc genre certainly in the top twenty of modern day classics. Steve Day - Author of Retreat Survivalism

I think (There Falls No Shadow) is fantastic, if you want to see what life will be like after teotwawki (The End Of The World As We Know It), then get a copy of this book. Guess who won’t be getting any sleep tonight. Thank you David C, best book I have read in a long time. Please put me down for the next one. Tim

My advice is don't take it to work, because going "Shhh, I'm reading" seemed to upset some of my staff & clients! I'm not sure if this should be sold as just a novel, though it is an excellent one that doesn't try to preach or teach, but it also contains superb insights into the strategy and tactics of  survival after the collapse of civilisation. Hugh Osborne - LudlowSurvivors

“I think its terrific! It’s much harsher than Survivors or Triffids.” Lynne Sweetman – editor Survivors newsletter

“I'm gutted! I'm not sure what I'm most upset about - the sad ending or the fact that I've finished the book when I want to read more!! … If the whole series was already published, I'd be down the shops or online this afternoon trying to get hold of the next book.” Yvonne Munn – author and communications trainer


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